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Current Release: 1.4
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Release Notes

ROOT GNU/Linux v1.4 (Pommes)

Version 1.4 (Pommes) of the GNU/Linux operating system ROOT has been released! ROOT is a complete GNU/Linux operating system with the latest GNU and Linux technology.

Release 1.4 includes lots of high quality software like GCC 3.4.3, Perl 5.8.6, WindowMaker 0.91.0, 6.8.1, KDE 3.2.3, TeTeX 2.0.2 and Linux 2.4.18.

The 1.4 generation of ROOT contains many major changes from the previous release 1.3. This is a small list of new features or other changes:
  • The package system
  • ROOT now includes a much more advanced package system with many new features based on pkgutils from CRUX.
  • The system installer
    The system installer has been updated. It fixes many bugs and is generally more stable.
  • Latest KDE
  • The latest stable KDE, version 3.3.2, is included. It is the best and most stable KDE release ever.
  • GNOME libraries
  • GNOME1 and GNOME2 libraries are included for compatibility with programs. However, the GNOME2 desktop is not included because it's hard to maintain and takes up too much space on the CD.
  • Translations
  • All translations of programs has been removed.
  • New packages
  • The new version of ROOT contains a very large number of updated packages. For a full list, see the manual.

ROOT is available here (and on many mirrors):

John Eriksson (Kohn)
johne at

The ROOT GNU/Linux system: Copyright © 2000-2018 John Eriksson