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Current Release: 1.4
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Release Notes

ROOT GNU/Linux v1.3 (Noodle)

Version 1.3 of the Linux distribution 'ROOT' has been released. ROOT is a complete GNU/Linux operating system with the latest GNU & Linux technology.

ROOT 1.3 is a big upgrade from the 1.2 version. Some new features include:

  • Improvements to the installer. The installer now runs directly from the CD. If your computer doesn't support auto-booting from CD's, you only need one floppy disk to boot it.
  • GCC 3.2. All packages has been recompiled using GCC 3.2, which is a stable compiler that produces faster binaries than 2.95.x.
  • GNOME 2.0. The new GNOME version is included. GTK+ 1.2.x and some GNOME 1.4 libs are included for backward compatibility.
  • KDE 3.0. The new KDE 3 is included (version 3.0.3). It's far more stable than any KDE2 version.
  • Devfs. The /dev filesystem is used by default. It is a modern replacement for the old /dev file structure. It is fast and only creates devices that acually exists on the system.
  • PAM included. The 'Pluggable Authentication Module' has been added to the distribution. PAM features very flexible functions for authentication programs.
  • Getty. The default getty program 'agetty' has been replaced with 'mingetty', which is smaller and faster.
  • Pureftpd. The default (and only included) FTP daemon is now pureftpd, a stable, secure and fast server.
  • Non-free programs removed. Non-free programs like Netscape has been removed. Pico has been replaced with the GPL'ed 'nano'. Some non-free programs can be found in a 'nonfree' folder on the CD.
ROOT 1.3 contains the latest stable versions of many free programs and utilities.

ROOT can be downloaded from here:

- or from one of the mirrors (see

Have fun!

/ kohn,

The ROOT GNU/Linux system: Copyright © 2000-2018
John Eriksson